Do you plan to organize a large Local, National or International Exhibition, Sporting Event or Congress? Do you need support for the plan, design, implementation and management of such an event? Do you need an event specific IT Solution?

Albert Hilber Consulting is able to support you in large Local, National and International events. We have a long-lived know how in the plan, design, implementation, and management of successful event IT Solutions including, but not limited to Accreditation, Registration, Ticketing and Media Information Systems. Among others, we deliver the following services:

  • Plan, design, implement and manage event specific IT solutions
  • Plan, design, implement and manage accreditation centers
  • Plan, design, implement and manage media centers
  • Plan, design, implement and manage IT solutions for the event (OA)
  • Ticketing, Accreditation and Media Information Systems
  • Overall project management

Our track record includes World Class National and International Sporting Events as well as Exhibitions.

If you need an alternative to traditional event IT management - talk to us.

Committed to excellence